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Channel 2 is OUR  LOCAL public access television station serving Western El Dorado County on Comcast Channel 2.  We serve 40,000 + Comcast subscribers and a world-wide audience with our streaming and on demand service.  Our audience is now world-wide with the addition of live and on demand streaming over the internet, plus our YouTube Channel scatv2. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015


Click on live streaming 
to view programming on Comcast Channel 2 in El Dorado County. 
Great for your mobile device, tablet, or computer with access to the internet.

TIP:  Create a pop-out when you get to our streaming page, then you can watch Channel 2 while working on other applications.  You can make it small and place it in the corner of your screeen.  If you change applications, you will find it drops down to your tray, but just click on your browser icon and restore it to the screen. 
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Please report any issues with live streaming to George Sabato at 622-8013 or email 2artists@sbcglobal.net

Having issues with streaming?  
Most videos are available ON DEMAND at  http://sierratv2.blogspot.com/p/video-on-demand.html
Many in HD!

To view City Council Meetings 'Live' click here 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In Memory Of

Channel 2 Celebrates the life of Jeanie Redmond
who passed away Sunday, November 17, 2013
Happy Birthday Sierra Community Access Television - Seen on SCA-TV2 on Blip
Jeanie's efforts as President of SCATV2 brought public access television back to our community.She produced numerous programs for Sierra Community Access Television over the years.  Jeanie will be missed.  

Lerory Goodenough Remembered - Seen on SCA-TV2 on BlipLeroy Goodenough was a loyal and dedicated volunteer videographer for Sierra Community Access Television. He was one of the pioneers of the newly chartered Sierra Community Access Television. He filmed and produced Kacie's Ride, Nick the Bee Man, Art and Music at the Fusion Gallery, Wine Passport Weekend, and filmed many local bands. Leroy will be missed.


ROGER RUBY was the man who took the dream of bringing back public access television to our community into reality.  Roger set up the Leightronix server that sends the Channel 2 stream across Comcast 2 and installed the SCATV2 world-wide streaming.  All too often Roger was found behind the camera capturing stories to share on 2.  When there were technical problems        Roger got in his car and drove from El Dorado Hills to Placerville Town Hall to solve them.  Most recently he helped the City of Placerville establish streaming of its City Council meetings.  Roger truly made a difference and for that we are so grateful.  
Roger passed away on Saturday, June 8, 2013.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Around Here Magazine--Feature Story on Channel 2

Around Here Magazine is out on stands across El Dorado County. Please pick up a copy and read the feature story about the return of Sierra Community Access Television.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Video Submission Formatting

For those submitting content to Channel 2 who are using Windows:

please render your final submission as an MPEG2 file with the following specs then burn this file to a DVD as a "data" file. Please label the DVD accordingly:

Frame Width: 720Frame Height: 480
Frame Rate: 29.97fps
Field Order: Lower
Pixel Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Bit Rate Encoding: VBR, 2 pass (targets: 4.2 Mbsec/minimum 6Mbsec/Maximum)
Format: MPEG
Audio Layer: MPEG-1, Layer II AudioSample Size: 16 bit
Bit rate settings: 224 kbpsec

Please render video and audio in one MPEG2 video file.

Using Apple Final Cut Studio 2 Tutorial from Leightronix Corp. <---Click on this link

Contact Gary Campbell (gacambl@pacbell.net) for a .jpeg file of the Channel 2 Logo.

SCA-TV2 Underwriting Agreement

Thank you for showing your support for community access television in Placerville by agreeing to be an SCA-TV2 Underwriter. In return for your financial or donation in-kind support, you will be recognized on SCA-TV2 broadcasts.
· A 30 second acknowledgement video spot broadcast daily approximately 8-11 times a day, depending on the daily program schedule, 3000+ views per year
  • Your business listed on Channel 2 website and posted on the daily run Community Calendar of Events. Your logo or name will be displayed on the channel acknowledging you as an underwriter of SCA-TV2 programming.
SCA-TV2 reaches a potential of 18,000 Comcast cable television subscribers in Western El Dorado County on Channel 2, estimated over 50,000,000 potential viewers (2.3+ per household)
Contribution is100% tax deductive.

View the Minuteman Press underwriter video at http://sierratv2.blogspot.com/p/sca-tv-video.html as an example.
Please circle one of these options to determine the length of this agreement and your contribution:
Ø 6 calendar months $ 550 or monthly $150 first month, $100 next five = $650
Ø 12 calendar months $ 1,000 or $100 a month for a total of $1,200
Individual or Organization’s Name:___________________________________________
Contact Person: ___________________________________________
Street or Mailing address: ___________________________________________
City/State/Zip Code: ___________________________________________
Contact phone number: ___________________________________________
E-mail address: ___________________________________________
Name to be displayed on channel: ___________________________________________
If you prefer to display a logo, please submit your logo in a “jpeg” or “tiff” format to e-mail address scatv2@gmail.com or submit it on a CD with this agreement. The underwriter shall be responsible for all proper authorization for presented logos, trademarks or other Company or Corporation identifiers.
Payment in full is due upon SCA-TV2’s receipt and acceptance of this agreement. Please mail or deliver this signed document and your check to:
222 Judy Drive
Placerville, CA 95667
Make checks payable to: Sierra Community Access Television. SCA-TV2 is a service of the City of Placerville and Western El Dorado County. Your contribution is tax deductible because the City and County are tax tax-exempt as government entities under IRS Section 170 (c). SCA-TV2 is also registered as a California 501c3 non-profit corporation.
Fed ID# 91-1798099
SCA-TV2 does hereby reserve the right to accept or reject any proposed underwriter which may negatively affect station image; further, either party may terminate this agreement upon 7 days notice. A proportional refund, if any, will be paid to the underwriter within 30 days.

Sign Name

Print name and date

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Channel 2 Story

Text of the article

El Dorado County Channel 2-Sierra Community Access
Placerville, CA – The new Sierra Community Access Television is back “on the air” as Comcast Channel 2(SCA-TV2). Since the City of Placerville renewed the SCA-TV2 contract this last Spring, much has been accomplished. The Community Calendar has a fresh new colorful design and graphics, Community members have provided video content to enhance the programming. SCA-TV2 brings station content about El Dorado County not only to those who do not have Comcast, but also to people around the world via its new website, http://sierratv2.blogspot.com/!
Channel 2 is Listed as “Government”. SCA-TV2. Programming can also be viewed on our web-site. The SCA-TV2 website offers a Links tab http://sierratv2.blogspot.com/ which also has some of the most comprehensive sets of internet links to sites serving El Dorado County. Viewers may have seen the American River Conservancy from Janice Stanley, (Todd Stanley Productions), New Morning video by Stan Okumura and Daren Coelho of Cinema Caldera, CASA and Girl’s Night Out produced by Michelle Vien, Cameron Park Spectacular 2010, and Car Classic at Burkes Junction, County Fair and Poetry and Music at Our House Gallery produced by RJRuby Productions, Music at the Fusion Gallery, Jenny the Genie (local magician) and the Farmers Market on Missouri Flat Road by Leroy Goodenough, “The Power of the Sunflower” with Nancy Siegler produced by Bertie Byrne and Leroy Goodenough, Downtown Placerville, Wine and Dine, Gold Bug Mine and El Dorado County promotions by Bill Thorpe’s Sweet Mix Media, and “Charlie’s Closet” movie trailer and Connor’s Hope: A Bike Race Across America 2010 recent Ponderosa High School graduate Spencer Reed . SCA-TV2 is broadcasting the classic video of Placerville’s George McKee “Remembering Placerville”—a personal history of our Placerville. Plans have begun to film Comedy Night at Sequoia Restaurant as early as this October. Ch. 2 also has a wide variety of upcoming programs to include “A day in the Life of El Dorado County Law Enforcement –Part 1” Co- Produced by Stan Okumura, Kevin House and Paula Springer and other programming is forthcoming.
SCA-TV2 is up and running with the help of a myriad of volunteers, a 6-month loan of a Mini-T-NX video server from Leightronix, and donations and underwriting of programming by Minuteman Press, El Dorado Savings Bank, The Toy Shop, Nor Cal Construction, the Sequoia, and Vision Coalition a well as a growing number of subscribing members. The revival of SCA-TV2 also comes as a result of the leadership and efforts of Channel 2 President Jeanie Redmond , Station Manager Roger Ruby, and board members who have given so many hours of bringing SCA-TV 2 back.
Government doesn’t help finance SCA-TV2. It is up to the community to keep SCA-TV2 on the air. Beyond volunteer help, SCA-TV needs financial help. We must raise $5,000 to purchase the Leightronix video server—all by December. (No video server--no station!) The Community may help by becoming a member or underwriter of SCA-TV2. http://sierratv2.blogspot.com/p/become-member-or-underwriter.html Please donate by sending in a check to SCA-TV2, 537 Main St.. Ste. B, Placerville, CA, or go to the website with Visa, Mastercard or PayPal. Get in on our underwriter special where we we create a 30 second underwriter spot and air it all year on Channel 2 for $1,000! Of course, larger donations and grants are accepted.

Current Board Members: 2011
George Sabato-President
Gary Campbell-Vice President
Trish Wilson-Recording Secretary
Marilyn Weber-Treasurer
Gary Campbell-Vice President/Programming Director
Raeann Jones
Danica Olivo