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Channel 2 is OUR  LOCAL public access television station serving Western El Dorado County on Comcast Channel 2.  We serve 40,000 + Comcast subscribers and a world-wide audience with our streaming and on demand service.  Our audience is now world-wide with the addition of live and on demand streaming over the internet, plus our YouTube Channel scatv2. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In Memory Of

Channel 2 Celebrates the life of Jeanie Redmond
who passed away Sunday, November 17, 2013
Happy Birthday Sierra Community Access Television - Seen on SCA-TV2 on Blip
Jeanie's efforts as President of SCATV2 brought public access television back to our community.She produced numerous programs for Sierra Community Access Television over the years.  Jeanie will be missed.  

Lerory Goodenough Remembered - Seen on SCA-TV2 on BlipLeroy Goodenough was a loyal and dedicated volunteer videographer for Sierra Community Access Television. He was one of the pioneers of the newly chartered Sierra Community Access Television. He filmed and produced Kacie's Ride, Nick the Bee Man, Art and Music at the Fusion Gallery, Wine Passport Weekend, and filmed many local bands. Leroy will be missed.


ROGER RUBY was the man who took the dream of bringing back public access television to our community into reality.  Roger set up the Leightronix server that sends the Channel 2 stream across Comcast 2 and installed the SCATV2 world-wide streaming.  All too often Roger was found behind the camera capturing stories to share on 2.  When there were technical problems        Roger got in his car and drove from El Dorado Hills to Placerville Town Hall to solve them.  Most recently he helped the City of Placerville establish streaming of its City Council meetings.  Roger truly made a difference and for that we are so grateful.  
Roger passed away on Saturday, June 8, 2013.

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